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Go On….Get Your Cheer On!!!!!


Hey Everyone – and a Merry Christmas / Happy Holiday Season to you all.

I havent written in a while and thought it was about time to add a post to the blog.

Christmas time is such a festive time for most of us – filled with family, good food, laughter and gifts. Well, at least it is supposed to be. It struck me the other day that there is also a lot of hype around this holiday and almost an expectation to “get your cheer on!” It’s quite a lot of pressure if you ask me.

This time of year is also likely to be quite anxiety provoking – maybe you have family coming for a visit that you havent seen in aaages – the in-laws??? *eek*. Maybe your home is going to be packed to the rafters with people creating mess, noise and just generally invading your space. Yes! You are supposed to be excited about all this, and perhaps for the most part you are, but lets not overlook the fact that some of this is actually quite stressful.

And lets not mention the spending! Wow… gifts for everyone and the costs get higher every year. Not only gifts but Christmas dinners, work events, taking the kids on fun outings (it is holiday time after all) and of course there are SPECIALS everywhere!!!! You just got that 13th cheque, or the end year bonus – perhaps had dreams of paying back debt / credit cards, maybe you have been planning for that nice flat screen or spa visit… but the money wont stretch as far as it is required eh?! Yes, this is also a fairly stressful part of the festive season if you ask me.

So… what can we do to make sure we “get our cheer on” and survive the season???

I’d say first and foremost take stock of what is important to you. prioritize your time and your spending and ensure that the season doesn’t leave you depleted and dissatisfied at the end. Spend quality time with good friends and family and if you need to rake some time out from even them, well – do it… take yourself to the gym (lets not forget that exercise is an EXCELLENT stress reliever) for an hour of “me time”, go for a walk, or go for a massage – you are entitled, this is YOUR holiday too! Spend money on others, but ensure you get a little spoilt yourself – this is your hard-earned cash and it doesn’t need to disappear on other’s only. Take your partner or closest friend for a dinner before the masses arrive – de-stress, catch up and connect. Plan a mini getaway for after everyone has left – this is your money, spend it on you as well !

Perhaps, this season is actually a sad one for you. Perhaps you have lost loved ones that will be missed this season. Perhaps you are wishing to have the hype I talk about above… again, this is your season too.. Do something special or yourself, spoil yourself, and try to surround yourself with friends – say Yes to that invite and have some fun!

So all in all my message this time is really about putting yourself first a little – acknowledge the stress of the season and give yourself  little break. Take time out and enjoy the cheer, spend some hard-earned cash on yourself and make sure you get some down time too.. that way, when January hits, you will not be one of the many that says “I need a holiday from my holiday!”

Merry Merry and a Blessed new year!