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And Psychminded Blog Begins…


Hi there and welcome…

I’ve heard and read so much about “blogging” and “bloggers” and have always been secretly intrigued by this new cyber-world of journalism and writing. I have always wanted to be part of this, but never really put A into G and done anything about it…So here we are, about to embark on a very exciting journey *big breath in….and out!*

Ok… so I have been told on various occasions that in order for the blog to be successful it has to be geared toward a specific theme or topic that is relevant, interesting, useful or just plain funny. So, by process of elimination (as I am far from being a comedian, am useless at cooking so wont be writing about recipes and simply do not want to air my political views for public scrutiny), I decided that this blog could be ‘useful’ and ‘relevant’ if I write about what I know – Psychology!

Yes, I am a Clinical Psychologist with a practice in Ballito, KZN (please view my website) and so, in this field, I will have tons to write about. My aim – to provide some really useful tips and advice regarding a range of topics and issues (please feel free to post questions or topics that interest you), as well as to provide some insight into therapy and the process thereof.

I think “therapy” has this dark stigma attached to it and is shrouded in mystery that makes the very idea of phoning a psychologist for an appointment a frightening endeavor. One that requires hours of preparation and ‘self talk’ to muster the strength and call for ‘help’. So, not only for us in the profession, but also for all those out there that have briefly considered going for therapy only to very quickly and very nervously laugh off the idea and move on, I think it would be useful to ‘de-mystify’ psychotherapy and give it the credit in deserves!

ok, so without further ado.. thank you for joining me on the site and reading this introduction. Again, please feel free to post comments, questions or ideas on this site – anything that could generate a discussion that is useful and relevant… thats what we’re going for here folks – “useful” and “relevant”.

Lovely to meet you!!