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“And These Are a Few Of My Favourite Things”


Just the other day I was standing on the patio waiting for a client when the garden service guy from the house across the road opened their garden gate only to unleash a very excited and enthusiastic Basset Hound. Yep – out she ran, ears flapping, totally in her element with her new found freedom. The garden guy tried desperately to get her back inside, but she wouldnt have any of it. It was quite a sight!
So while I was watching the struggle unfold across the road, and literally holding my sides laughing, I realised that Basset Hounds must be my all-time favourite animal!  The pure contradiction between the face and that  enthusiastically wagging tail just make me smile.

It was shortly after this incident, when hubby and I were in the midlands that I came across a little blue wooden tortoise with one of those bobbing heads at a local craft shop. Buying it, I stuck it on my dash board and spent the next hour or so continuously giggling at the smooth “everything-is-gonna-be-alright-mahn” bobbing of the tortoise’s head! Yep, I figured this would be the best “Calmette / Rescue” remedy for a bad day – just jump in the car, put on a good tune and watch that tortoise bob his head!

And thus my list of “top 5 things that make me happy” was born!

Along with the Basset Hound (I am still to acquire one of my very own instead of stealing glimpses of the cutie across the road) and the tortoise (which still bobs at me every day), I also have a ring tone that makes me giggle everytime I hear it (despite the blank stares I get when I, full of pride for my new found ring tone, show it to friends and family – they just dont get it.) To that list I have also added a favourite song and am still in search of my number 5.

The idea has been so infectious that my hubby has painted the patio blue and claimed the space was now in his “top 5 things that make me happy” list! He then acquired a “mario brothers” ring tone and added that to the list too. Let me just add that we are both humming the mario brothers soundtrack for the entire day after his phone rings! All this got me thinking that it would be a marvelous way of staying positive. I mean why not? Why not surround yourself with things that make you happy, things that make you giggle (even if no one else gets the joke)? In fact, the mere task of assembling the “top 5” list has been a fun adventure and I reckon it could do with a re-evaluation every 6 months or so –  well at least this way you would be forced to find new things that bring you joy!

So thats message of the day, friends – start assembling your “top 5 things that make me happy” list and fill your days with a giggle here, and a happy thought there. Its a great way to keep you smiling even when you feel that life is getting in the way! Go on, you deserve it!


Spring’s Inspiration


Hey all.. Wow it has been a long time since I added to the blog. I guess Winter with it’s late sunrises and early darkness got the better of me and fueled my laziness. But lo and behold, we have woken up for 5 days in a row with beautiful sun, warm days and the sun is setting a little later every day.

With this, it seems, there is a new buzz in the air. A new kind of energy. The last long haul of the year 2011.

Suddenly we have kicked in with our exercise regimes, we are trying to eat healthier, meet dead lines, take on new projects and generally finish off things before the end of the year hits us…and ladies and gentlemen – it is upon us. I even saw an advert for Christmas the other day!!! With all this happening I am also asking myself how to make the best of this new found inspiration to lose the winter weight, or aim for the last bit of success the year has to offer. You know how it is – we start a project with gusto and enthusiasm – determined to make it a success, only to lose that touch of inspiration somewhere not too far along the way. So how do we maintain it? How do we ride this new “spring energy” right into the middle of summer???

A good question indeed. And here are my thoughts on the issue. WRITE IT ALL DOWN!

Yep, this is the new motivation system folks. If you write it down you have already spent more energy invested in your goal than if you only spend fleeting seconds pondering it. Writing it down – making a list of the things you want to achieve, the goals you have set – makes them tangible and real in the world. Especially if you then put them up somewhere where you can see them every day. The next step is to think quite carefully about the steps needed in attaining the goal. So for example – if the goal is losing 5 kgs, then how do you plan to do this??? Maybe it is 3 x a week gym and joining weighless? Maybe its 5 x a week walking with a friend and cutting out the glass of wine every night 🙂 Either way, planning and writing down the steps to attaining your goals also makes the process run smoothly. Again, you want to have these “mini goals” (lets call them) up where you can see them so that you have a daily reminder about what you have set out to do. The bigger goals are now broken down into smaller, achievable steps – now there really is no excuse for not following through.

But what of the motivation you ask? Well, I am still working on this one. Its beginning to seem that the loss of inspiration is part of the human condition and my best counterattack to this is to find a “buddy” – find someone who will take on the task with you – if it’s quitting smoking, losing weight, finishing a project, taking on a new one – two energies are somehow always better than one. Finding support (and a little cheer leading team) can only be beneficial in the long run!

So here’s to enjoying the energy that Spring brings with it and wishing you all the best for the downhill journey toward 2012..

“Defeat is not the worst of failures. Not to have tried is the true failure.”
George Edward Woodberry